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Single European Sky

The European Commission has established the Single European Sky (SES) programme. The goals of this programme are uniform high safety standards, more airspace capacity and good value for money. The performance targets for air navigation service providers and the rules for setting air navigation charges are a result of this programme. 

The SES programme has also involved the creation of so-called functional airspace blocks. Within these blocks, the air navigation service providers are increasingly working together and jointly seeking ways to optimise flight routes across borders. Together with the air navigation service providers of France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), DFS is part of the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central, or FABEC for short. Significant savings for airlines have already been achieved through direct routings and the progressive introduction of freely chosen routes in upper airspace. 

An essential element in the creation of a Single European Sky is the Single European Sky ATM Research Programme (SESAR). Its aim is to harmonise the various technical air traffic management systems in use in the individual States. To this end, extensive research and development work is taking place, in which DFS is also significantly involved. The projects and their implementation are partly funded by the European Union.