As a contractor at DFS, you will have received a link with the order which includes the log-in data for the 
electronic registration of contractor staff
 (only available in German).

You have to register the staff you intend to deploy to fulfill the DFS order so that the IDs and access authorisations they need when they come to perform the job have been issued.

The jobs require a security clearance under section 7 of the German Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG). Thus, you need to apply for this check during registration.

You can find the German text of this legislation here.

Provisions concerning the collection, processing and use of personal data under data protection laws

In keeping with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the data you enter will only be collected, processed and saved by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH to control access, to issue IDs and, as necessary, to conduct background checks for security clearances.

The forwarding of the data collected to the competent aviation security authority in Hesse at the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main is carried out on the basis of the German Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG). The right to collect, process and use personal data is based on the provisions that apply to aviation security authorities under Federal and State (Land) law, unless otherwise provided by this Act. The information obtained may only be used by the aviation security authority to conduct a background check for security clearance.

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