DFS – the company

DFS is a special company. Around 5,600 employees ensure safety in German airspace. To do this, we believe in diversity, fair working relationships and flexibility. DFS is active in more countries than just Germany. We offer our expertise all over the world.

Who is DFS? 

5,700 employees, 19 sites – DFS operates throughout Germany. The largest occupational group is the approximately 2,200 air traffic controllers, who work in the control centres and control towers. Their co-workers in the pre-flight information service look after general aviation pilots. In addition, about 900 technicians and engineers develop and operate the necessary technical systems, from radar equipment to air traffic control systems, that show the air traffic controllers in the control centres the correct position of aircraft.  

The remaining employees work in IT, procedures planning, research and development, administration or training, among other things. At our Air Navigation Services Academy in Langen, DFS is currently training around 200 job starters to become air traffic controllers, air traffic control engineers, IT specialists and aviation managers. Air navigation service providers in other countries also use our expertise and technology for the initial and continuation training of their air traffic controllers.  


DFS Executive Board: Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge, Arndt Schoenemann, Andrea Wächter, Dirk Mahns

DFS Executive Board 

Arndt Schoenemann 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Dirk Mahns 
Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge 
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Andrea Wächter
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

The management system at DFS is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.

Corporate social responsibility

DFS is committed to sustainable and responsible corporate behaviour. For us, corporate social responsibility means we want to live up to our responsibility towards our business partners, our employees, the environment and society. That is why we do our part to ensure that human rights are respected along our supply chains. We care about climate and environmental protection, treat our staff responsibly and fairly, and are committed as a company in its societal context. DFS also promotes the voluntary work of its employees.

DFS and human rights


A diverse future 

DFS is a diverse company in every respect. We want to create a situation where all our employees have the opportunity to live up to their potential – regardless of their gender, age or nationality. That is why we work with mixed teams in which as many different perspectives and experiences as possible are represented. We also support diversity by improving career opportunities for women, who currently make up more than a quarter of the workforce. Currently, the share of women in management positions is just under 14 percent. DFS has set itself the goal of continuously increasing this share over the next few years. 

One contribution to equal opportunities is a better work-life balance. DFS has been certified as a family-friendly company since 2014. At the DFS Headquarters in Langen and at other locations, employees can take advantage of kindergarten places and a holiday programme for school-age children. Employees who care for relatives are supported with comprehensive information and counselling services. Our employees can also take advantage of flexible working time models, health facilities, a company sports club, seminars and extensive further training measures. 

We are a family-friendly company.

Compliance / whistleblower system

Compliance is an important factor in securing the sustainable success of the Group over the long term and is a central component of the corporate culture. For this reason, acting responsibly and in compliance with the rules is the basic tenet of DFS. However, should any irregularities or infringements occur, it is in the interest of DFS to learn about them at an early stage, to clarify them in good time and to take proactive action. With the establishment of the whistleblower system, all persons who have obtained information about alleged compliance violations in the course of their work have access to a reporting system that complies with all current legal requirements and takes into account the rights of all parties involved.

Compliance / whistleblower system


airport terminal

The DFS Group worldwide  

DFS is internationally active through various subsidiaries and investment entities. The DFS Group controls air traffic at nine regional airports in Germany and at one major UK airport. Through subsidiaries in Germany, we are involved in the training of military air traffic control personnel and in the drone market, among other things. Furthermore, we offer our services and products worldwide. 

  • Air Navigation Solutions Ltd 

    The UK subsidiary Air Navigation Solutions Ltd. (ANSL) is responsible for controlling air traffic at Edinburgh airport.


  • DFS Aviation Services GmbH

    DFS Aviation Services GmbH (DAS) markets products and services involving air navigation services all over the world. In addition, it controls air traffic at nine German regional airports as a certified air navigation service provider. It operates representative offices in China and Singapore.


  • DFS Aviation Services Bahrain  

    The subsidiary is responsible for providing personnel for the control of air traffic in Bahrain.


  • Droniq GmbH 

    Droniq GmbH (Droniq) is a joint venture between DFS and Deutsche Telekom. It provides services for drones and other aircraft in Europe.


  • European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S.

    Together with six other European air navigation service providers, DFS is participating in the development of the European satellite navigation system EGNOS.


  • FCS Flight Calibration Service GmbH 

    FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH (FCS) specialises in calibration flights. FCS is a joint venture of DFS, the Swiss air navigation service provider Skyguide and the Austrian air navigation service provider AustroControl.


  • Frequentis DFS Aerosense GmbH 

    Frequentis DFS Aerosense GmbH offers turnkey remote tower solutions. It is a joint venture between the Austrian technology provider Frequentis and DFS Aviation Services.


  • GroupEAD 

    The objective of GroupEAD is to set up the Europe-wide aeronautical database EAD, through which EUROCONTROL provides worldwide aeronautical information. Group EAD is a joint venture between DFS, the Spanish air navigation service provider ENAIRE and the Austrian technology provider Frequentis.


  • Kaufbeuren ATM Training GmbH 

    The subsidiary Kaufbeuren ATM Training GmbH has taken over military air traffic control training in Germany from the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). Around 500 course participants per year are trained in a modern training centre in Kaufbeuren.


  • R. Eisenschmidt GmbH 

    R. Eisenschmidt GmbH produces and distributes aeronautical charts, other aeronautical information and technical accessories for private aviation.


  • Unifly

    Unifly, based in Antwerp, specialises in the development of software solutions for the safe integration of drones into air traffic and is involved in the development of the UAS Traffic Management System (UTM) at DFS.